Chickpea Bread is a Conscious Choice

Before seeing my nutritionist and beginning my healthy adventure with food, I didn’t know chickpea bread was an option or that bean flour existed.  Thanks to the introduction by my nutritionist, I have been able to give up all other grains including corn (a grain that many midwestern Americans think of as a vegetable.)  Yet, I still … Continue reading

Build a Healthy Immune System

While recently skimming through my news feed on Facebook, I came across a post by my nutritionist, Karen Hurd.  It included a link to an article that she had written for her website.  In her article, “Building the Immune System,” Hurd draws attention to the importance of a healthy immune system, introducing it as a … Continue reading

I’ll Be Back, Really, I Will…

My Master’s thesis is 99.9 % finished.  This blog was originally being considered for inclusion in my creative project, but it turns out that it was more appropriate to comment on it in my reflection on writing in general, which appears after two fictional short stories.  What an accomplishment (so glad to be done)! The … Continue reading

It’s Working!

In January, right before the first appointment with my nutritionist, Karen Hurd (AKA The Bean Queen),  I had my TSH levels tested and the results were .58.  Last week, I had my TSH levels tested again and they are down to .3.  My D.O. has written a new prescription, and my dosage is being lowered from 150 mcg to … Continue reading

Nutrition Appointment #3

I have my third appointment today with my nutritionist.  I’ve been on the same nutrition plan for two months.  I’m not sure it will change today.  Actually, I’m not sure if it will ever change.  I don’t want it to.  Okay, in reality, I would like to know that I can have a small portion … Continue reading